Lumberjax: Urban Axe Throwing.

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• we exists to rid the world of 2x10 pine boards
• where cold-hard steel, meets man made velocity, meets fresh cut pine, every time
• where you and your closest friends go to compete in non-sensical sport
• fulfill your wildest fantasy of hitting bullseyes with 14 inches of semi-sharpened, US forged steel

• but in all seriousness axe throwing at Lumberjax is as ridiculously awesome as it sounds. With proper coaching, which we provide, it is not nearly as dangerous as it sounds either.
• reserve your evening session now and get 2 hours of axe-chuckin goodness. you and 5 to 11 of your closest friends will find yourselves in a magical place where steel flies like a bald eagle: confident, graceful, and with American splendor
• don’t hesitate to bring your own food/drink (alcohol prohibited) and come ready to chuck axes and have the best night of your life
• one of our specialized, dependable and hardworking coaches will be on site at all times training participants, teaching new games to play and making sure your night goes axe-ceptionally great