Rules to Rule


Breaking these rules will get you sidelined, sent home, asked to leave and/or kicked out - Your Call
• alcohol, weed/marijuana, drugs of any kind, vaping, and/or smoking is Absolutely Not Allowed in, on or around the premises, also don’t show up under the influence of anything
• no shirt, no shoes, no service but seriously wear clothes + closed-toed shoes
• axes and axe throwing can be dangerous in the wrong hands - rough housing, horseplay, and joking around with axes will not be tolerated
• fighting, threats, or abuse of any kind is for axe-holes, and absolutely not tolerated

Grinding Axes


These rules will help you and everyone else in your group to have a much better time
• listen intently to our on-site coaching staff - they have a lot to offer and please don’t argue with them
• be supportive - don’t be mean, or a bully, a know-it-all, or a jerk
• take care of our space - clean up after yourself we aren’t your mom and dad
• don’t be a jack-axe - no need to use profanity or slander
• be a good sport - don’t let you competitiveness ruin the night, relax and have fun
• be aware - follow all rules in, on, and around the premises, and always lookout for others while throwing axes or being a spectator

WATL Match Rules, Scoring, and Terminology 2019

WATL Match Rules, Scoring, and Terminology 2019